Donate: Supplies & Items

Current Greatest Needs

• Diamond brand puppy food for foster puppies
• Dry adult cat and kitten food for community pet bank, any brand
• Scoopable cat litter

Always Welcome

• Kitten milk replacer
• Dry adult or puppy food for the community pet bank, any brand
• Newspapers
• Paper Towels
• Small and XS Collars and Leashes for small dogs and puppies
• Dog or puppy toys
• Copier paper
• Cloth towels (old or new)
• Folding suitcase-style wire crate kennels
• Igloo-type dog houses
• Outdoor kennels and/or fencing
• Outdoor-safe food and water containers
• Capstar for cats and dogs
• Frontline, Revolution & Advantage flea and tick protection
• Heart worm prevention
• Gift certificates for any veterinarian
• Tarps
• Scratching posts for cats
• New cat brushes
• Stainless steel litter boxes
• Kong toys and Booda/Nyla bones for dogs