Community Feral Cat Program: Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Pet Assisted Therapy

The Humane Society’s Community Feral Cat Program traps wild cat colonies in Calloway County, has each cat “fixed,” gives the cat a rabies shot and returns them to their original habitat where a responsible caretaker provides food and shelter. This program is used worldwide and is enormously successful in reducing cat overpopulation, spread of disease, and other nuisance issues. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The cats must be un-owned, homeless, abandoned and feral (wild).  The Humane Society’s Feral Cat program does not spay/neuter personal pets under this program. For more information on assistance for owned pets please review our Fixed For Life program.
  2. A long-term colony caretaker must be identified.
  3. The caretaker must take full responsibility for the cats and must agree to provide year-round food, fresh water, and shelter.
  4. The caretaker must agree to TNR any new cats that join the colony and the Humane Society will assist in TNRing any new colony members.
  5. The caretaker must agree to take part in the TNR of his/her colony.
  6. The caretaker must agree to assist in paying for the neutering. The amount paid will be dependent on the caretaker’s income and number of cats involved. In-kind payments will be accepted from those who cannot contribute financially (e.g., building cat shelters, volunteering at HSCC events, etc.).
  7. We must have permission from the owner of the property where the cats reside or are being fed. This may be a private residence, business, homeowner’s association, apartment/condo management, or government entity.
  8. Colonies that meet the above requirements will be placed on a waiting list.  As Humane Society funds and veterinary services become available, a TNR team will work with colony caretakers to trap-neuter-and-return a colony’s cats.  Caretakers who can afford and are willing to cover all veterinary costs on their own can request Humane Society assistance in trapping a colony at any time.

Humane live traps are available to rent at the Humane Society for $20 cash. The rental fee will be returned to you upon return of the live trap in working condition.

If you would like to apply for assistance from the TNR program, simply complete the questionnaire and return it to the Humane Society by mail or email.