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Pet First Aid

The Humane Society of Calloway County and the Calloway County chapter of the American Red Cross co-sponsors a four-hour Pet First Aid course.

Pet First Aid gives cat and dog owners the skills necessary to respond appropriately to unexpected emergencies, providing immediate and temporary care to an injured animal until it can be taken to a veterinarian, as well as to monitor their animals' health.

The goal of Pet First Aid is to protect both the pet and the owner from further harm, injury or suffering during emergencies, by teaching prompt, effective actions and care that will safeguard the life of the injured pet.

Pet First Aid teaches cat and dog owners how to respond to a wide range of animal emergencies, from dressing a wound to performing CPR to preparing pets for natural disasters. Pet lovers also learn how to monitor their furry companion's well being by learning the animal's normal temperature, blood pressure and other health parameters.

The class fee is $40. Course participants receive their choice of a newly developed Dog First Aid or Cat First Aid full-color reference guide and DVD which demonstrates how to perform many of the first aid steps described in the book as well as class supplies.

The course is led by a certified Red Cross instructor and includes use of an instructional video and opportunities to practice first aid and CPR skills on specially designed pet mannequins.

Scheduled Classes
No classes are scheduled at this time, but we are happy to schedule a class at any time there will be eight participants.

Contact the Humane Society at (270) 759-1884 or to let us know you would like to attend a Pet First Aid class.

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