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Rules for Animals in the Pet Therapy Program

As a representative of the Humane Society of Calloway County, a Pet Therapy volunteer is expected to read and abide by the policies stated below:

Dogs and cats must be on a leash and under their handler's control at all times. Other animals must also be restrained from escape in some way - cage or harness and leash.

Puppies and kittens under one year of age must be closely monitored, both for behavior and for signs of stress.

Dogs and cats must have up-to-date rabies shots, and must wear ID and rabies tags. Dogs should be licensed.

It is strongly preferred that therapy animals be spayed or neutered.

Whenever possible, dogs should be certified by Therapy Dogs International, Inc. At the very least, they should have basic obedience training.

New animals in the program must be screened by the Director during or before the initial Pet Therapy visit or activity.

Animals must be healthy, clean and well-groomed.

Animals must not be aggressive toward people or other animals.

At the resident's request, a small animal may be held to a lap or bed, but the owner must be the one actually holding the animal at all times.

Animals must never be left unattended while participating in a Pet Therapy program.

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